800.07 LED video receiver card RV908M32

€ 28,00

- 12 HUB75 interface on board (supports up to 32 scan) no extra hub card needed
- Single card can output 24 groups RGB data
- Single card maximum support 512×512 pixels
  Please note that there are recommended values depending on the design of LED screen
- Support temperature detection
- Support the cabinet-door monitoring (open/close)
- Two lines fan-speed monitoring
- Humidity monitoring (humidity sensor sold separately)
- Smoke monitoring (smoke module sold separately)
- Three lines voltage monitoring: one for the system, two for cabinet power

- Support pixel-by-pixel brightness calibration; single-card color space conversion
- Support network cable BER test

- Support hot backup with dual receiver cards for demanding performances screen
- High refresh rate and high grey level with most of the driver ICs
- In line with RoHS standards
- In line with EU standards CE-EMC class B